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Terms of service

Article 1 (definition)

This service is a generic term for services in a fee-based employment placement business etc. provided by GE Partners Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"). This is the generic term for services in introduction business etc.
User: Person who completed online registration prescribed in Article 3, paragraph 1.
JP Scout: This is a communication medium dedicated to the user who can apply for work, inquiries to us, contact etc.

Article 2 (Terms of Service)

The user considers all the contents of the service provision for personnel service (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") accepted.

Article 3 (Registration)

In order to use this service, please follow the procedure below to register.
1. Online Registration: Application for using this service is done by entering / sending the following personal information from our website, and when the JP Scout's login ID and password are issued from our company, we will use your Registration will be completed.
If you are a minor (under the age of 20) at the time of online registration, you are deemed to have applied for application under the consent of a legal representative such as a guardian.
【Content of personal information you enter】
· Name · Date of birth · address · contact · hope · occupation · academic background · web resume · data level etc.
2. Main registration: In order to provide better service of this service, please input the following detailed information.
Based on this information, we will do matching with the user who applied for work etc.
In addition, if you do not have enough information to enter, you may not be able to make a selection even if you apply for work.
【Content of personal information you enter】
· Job career · home route · desired income · skill · qualification etc.

Article 4 (Handling of personal information)

Based on a privacy policy stipulated separately, we will have a complete system for managing personal information. Please provide personal information when you agree about the handling.

Article 5 (Management of login ID, password and personal information)

The user shall manage and store JP login ID, password, registered e-mail address (hereinafter referred to as "ID · password, etc.") at the responsibility of the user, make it used by a third party Lend, transfer, transfer, name change, trading etc. shall not be carried out.
The user shall assume the responsibility for damages caused by inadequate management of IDs, passwords, etc., errors in use, use by third parties, etc. We assume no responsibility.
In the event that ID, password, etc. are stolen or found to be used by a third party, the user shall be notified immediately and we will follow instructions from our company.

Article 6 (Addition, modification, deletion of registration information)

The user shall modify or add or delete any information registered in the JP Scout if any change occurs.

Article 7 (Cancellation of registration and deletion of registered information)

1. The user can cancel the registration at any time by the method of making a cancellation request to our company from the inquiry counter of the JP Scout (inquiry items etc.) by our will.
2. If the user falls under any of the following items, we will warn the relevant user or temporarily suspend the use of this service without advance notification or notice, or register You can cancel cancellation and deletion of registered information accordingly.
(1) When the user never accesses the JP Scout for a certain period
(2) When the user can not be contacted to registered contacts

(3) To repeatedly request requests beyond the scope of this service
(4) In case of violation of this agreement In addition, we judge that continuation of use of JP Scout is not appropriate

(5) Others, we judge that the trust relationship between the user and our company can not be maintained
3. We shall not bear any responsibility for damages to users caused by cancellation of registration and cancellation of personal information under this section.
4. Even in the case of cancellation of deregistration and deletion of personal information by this section, we shall continue to possess or use personal information as stipulated by laws and regulations other than personal information as well as the status of use of the service and those statistical information .

Article 8 (Handling of documents, work of resume etc.)

1. We will not return your resume, job history, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "submitted documents etc.").
2. We will digitize the data to be submitted in our company within about 1 month from the date we confirmed receipt and store it in the database. We will then dispose of the original documents, etc. submitted in an unrecoverable form with our responsibility.
3. The storage period of digital data shall be three years from the date we have confirmed receipt and will be disposed of in an unrecoverable form without notice to the user after the expiration of the period. Moreover, we will discard at the time of unregistration.

Article 9 (Change or interruption of service)

1. We can change the JP Scout without prior notice to the user, and the user accepts it.
2. We shall be able to stop or temporarily suspend all or part of the JP Scouts permanently without notifying the user in advance if it falls under any of the following.
(1) Periodically or urgently conduct inspection or maintenance work of the computer system
(2) When the computer, communication line, etc. stop due to accident
(3) When it is impossible to manage / offer my page due to force majeure such as fire, blackout, natural disaster lands
(4) In addition, when we judge that suspension or interruption is necessary
3. Not limited to the reasons set forth in the preceding paragraph, we may suspend or temporarily suspend all or part of the use of this service permanently, after notifying the user with a notice period of 14 days I will.
4. We assume no responsibility for any damages to the user caused by the measures we took under this section.

Article 10 (Introduction of work)

We will introduce the work in the service according to the user's request, within this service. However, it does not necessarily promise that there is a work that can be introduced.

Article 11 (Confirmation)

1. The user confirms that employment and employment are not guaranteed to be realized by using this service.
2. The user agrees to resolve the job conditions and other contract details with the recruiting company in the fee-charging employment consultation in consultation with the company in case of a dispute occurred after the establishment of the fee-based employment placement, if the dispute arises Above, we will use this service.

Article 12 (Commitment / Warranty)

(1) About Confidential Information: Any leakage of confidential information that we learned about the use of this service, to others before or after employment or job hunting, may only cause huge damage to introducing companies Understand that it can be the cause of liability for damages on himself, furthermore it can be subject to criminal punishment, not to use / leak without permission of the owner of confidential information
Confidential information is the following information.
· Contents of recruitment information (Including recruitment facts in case of non-public job offerings)
· Transaction details · Actual · Organization · Human resources information (personal information)
· Information on management of finance, personnel affairs, etc.
· Information on planning, technical materials, manufacturing cost, price etc concerning product development · manufacture and sale
· Contents of the project · Progress · Partner company information
· Works · Contents of deliverables
· Information specified as other secret information -
(2) About the elimination of antisocial forces: in order for companies to prevent damage by antisocial forces

Article 13 (Prohibited matter)

The user shall not conduct the following acts.
(1) act of registering and providing false information
(2) Acts of infringing copyrights, portrait rights, and other intellectual property rights of other users or third parties
(3) act of infringing the property, privacy etc of other users or third part, slanderous
(4) Acts leading to criminal acts, contrary to public order and morality or antisocial behavior
(5) Acts of using information obtained through this service beyond the scope of purpose of employment / job hunting -
(6) Acts of disseminating false information as information obtained through this service
(7) Actions that hinder our corporate activities and damage our credibility
(8) The act of taking a direct contact with the recruiting company introduced through this service and taking recruitment selection or entering the company. However, excluding cases where there is contact with us in advance.
(9) The act of repeatedly applying for the same job despite receiving the notice of rejection
(10) Entry for jobs not requiring employment or employment, acts such as inquiries
(11) Actions to interfere with third-party employment / job hunting activities
(12) Acts that violate these Terms, or acts that might be of them |
(13) Other acts in violation of any law or acts that may be risking them

Article 14 (Modification of these Terms)

We can change this agreement from time to time without obtaining prior consent of the user

Article 15 (Compensation for Damages)

1. In case the user violates each item of this agreement and damages our company, stakeholders or third party, the user shall indemnify the damage.
2. The provisions of this Article shall remain in force even after cancellation of registration.

Article 16 (Competent Jurisdiction)

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan and any dispute relating to these Terms shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the First Instance with the Osaka District Court or the Osaka Simplified Court.

This agreement will be implemented from November 1, 2018.

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