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Long-term internship service specializing in foreign student study

Realize the first foreign recruitment from the low cost.
We will fully support employment, interview, and after-follow until full-time support!

JP Scout is the largest international studying intern internship recruitment site in Japan.
Studying abroad students with a desire to learn through practical experience in Japanese companies and labor motivation,

Do you not have this issue ?


It is expensive to use

I pay a large amount of remuneration to advertisement advertisement, personnel introduction / temporary staffing agency in the employment of talented people, but it is not as effective as I expected.

Excellent people can not be applied

Excellent youngsters of Japanese people can not gather.
The staff turnover rate is high, and the youngsters' layers that we have used with difficult time suffer quickly.

I am considering overseas deployment but I do not have personnel in charge or know-how

Deployment requires substantial experience such as understanding of language as well as understanding of codification of counterpart country.Hiring a consultant requires a high remuneration.I can not afford enough to have experience in the company staff.

JP Scout will solve the problems of recruitment and overseas deployment!

The adoption cost is a plan which can be chosen from the payment type of the success payment type and the regular posting type!

Success fee type plan

Cost to recruit 0 yen
80,000 yen per person employed
※ Only for engineers 140,000 yen per person

Always posting plan

Even if we adopt any number of additional costs 0 yen
Three months

35.6 Ten thousand yen

11.8 million yen per month

29.0 Ten thousand yen

¥ 96,000 per month
6 months

58.1 Ten thousand yen

¥ 97,000 per month

44.9 Ten thousand yen

¥ 75,000 per month
12 months

89.8 Ten thousand yen

¥ 75,000 per month

63.4 Ten thousand yen

53,000 yen per month

Examples of utilization of international student interns

To the great opportunity of overseas expansioncase01

21 years old (4 students in the university)
Vietnamese humanity
Trading company (enrolled in economics department)

At a small-scale trading company that is planning to enter Vietnam, he worked as a bridge personnel in the translation work of the merchandise to be handled.Translation of the product material is closely tied up with the Japanese staff, so that it will become a message that will correctly convey attraction to the other side.
In addition, it is also possible to list the HP information of company candidate, company information etc, and to get an appointment by e-mail.He is active as a precious person who creates a great opportunity for overseas expansion.

New creation of inboundcase02

23 years old (third grader)
Chinese Male Man
Real estate business (enrolled in the Japanese Language Department)

Assist sales of real estate sales in Japan, targeting Chinese wealthy people.In addition to communicating the appeal of the property, advice on how to use the assets, etc. is also handled by the Japanese staff and the tripod.
We are also contributing to building a new business field targeting foreigners by responding to rental brokerage etc. of foreigners living in Japan.

Immediate warfare bridge artistcase03

26 years old (fourth grader)
Vietnamese Male Man
WEB development (enrolled in the Faculty of Science)

I learned basic technology in Vietnam and I am learning the applied technology and Japanese language after the coming day.
Inside interns, I join the development team and act as an immediate fighting force, and I also do bridge work with offshore teams in Vietnam.In offshore development, disorder of communication tends to influence deliverables, but by placing intern interns as bridging talent to the Japanese side, we have succeeded in constructing a smooth offshore development environment.

To acquire customers of foreign executivescase04

25 years old (second grader university)
Vietnam people
Law office (enrolled in international faculty)

Adopted Vietnamese international students as sales aid for the purpose of acquiring advisory contracts at restaurants and retail stores operated by foreigners.Because foreign nationals in Japan manage to manage in various ways such as understanding of laws and cultures, acquiring a new market as a foreign lawyer's law in Japan.
It is now expanding deeply into the foreign community that lives in Japan and is expanding various customers as a good supporter of Japanese law and culture.

From design to designcase05

24 years old (second grader)
Chinese nature
Construction related (enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering)

IoT Equipment Manufacturer creates a circuit design drawing using CAD.While carefully discussing the design specifications with the Japanese staff members, they go through software design and are active in a wide range of activities, such as operation confirmation and design work.
Developing original equipment with a team while incorporating ideas and other ideas from a different viewpoint into the development team.After completing the product, it will also be involved in cultivating sales channels overseas.

Other use cases


Tourism industry, Ryokan industry

Interpretation for foreign tourists, translation of brochure

Advertising industry, publishing industry

Targeting ad creation aid

Logistics industry, customs brokerage

Document creation aid, sales aid

Small business

Interpretation for foreign tourists,
Translation of promotional materials


Translation, interpretation, market research assistance


Assistance for supervision of technical interns
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Flow of posting



Please fill out the form and send it.Inquiries by telephone OK!


Based on the contents of the inquiry, we will discuss with your visit or web conference system.

Coverage / manuscript creation

Our company will interview and shoot, we will create your job recruitment manuscript.We will draw out the charm of your company to the utmost and create articles sticking to students.

Recruitment start

Approximately one week after coverage as a guide, publication can be started.
If you have any problems after posting, your responsibilities will follow up at all times at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is the difference between internship and part-time job?

A: There is no difference in salaries paid for labor.However, because there are many students who intend to apply mainly to learning compared with part - time jobs, labor motivation and learning motivation after work tend to be higher than part - time students and actively work

Q:Is the visa problem all right?

A: Studying abroad students are permitted to work for "permission to engage in activities other than their status" and work for 28 hours a week (educational institutions are off for a period of 8 hours a day).If you are employed by a company to be employed, please confirm that the student has permission to do activities other than that before the employment.For details, please check here.(→ Document download inquiries)

Q:How much does it cost?

A: You can choose from a performance-based plan and a regular posting plan.Depending on the number of people you want, we propose a less costly plan.
Please inquire from the inquiry form for details.

Q:What if my communication is not going well?

A: A pay option (¥ 9,800 ~) for hearing foreign students' intention to study overseas students as a foreign staff member goes on a weekly Skype interview and a one - time direct interview with the foreign student, I will.If you are worried about communication with international students, if you are concerned that you will leave immediately after adopting, please consider paid support option.

Q:What is the level of salary you pay for intern interns?

A: Please decide at the company with minimum wage or more.The average salary paid by companies registered to the JP Scout is generally 1,000 to 1,300 yen per hour.

Q:I am not concerned about the procedure because I never employed a foreigner.

A: We will fully back up the procedures required for employment at the JP Scout Operations Secretariat.
Foreign employment manual(→ Document download inquiries)We also distribute free of charge as well, so please use it when you are going to study abroad.

Q:Are not they going home soon?

A: We have been interviewing many foreign talented people so far, but I feel that there are quite a lot of people like "I want to work in Japan for a long time!" Or "I want to carry up in a Japanese company!"If there is a factor raising the risk of getting off jobs, there may be insufficient communication at the first stage such as interview and training.In such cases, please consider a fee-based option menu that supports training and regular after-sales follow-up with our foreign staff.

Q:Is there any problem with recruitment outside of the metropolitan area?

A: Excellent international students are coming to study at Japanese universities and language schools.And universities and language schools exist in your area more than you think.If you are concerned about recruitment, please contact us in advance.We will propose the optimum recruiting strategy after studying what kind of university / language school exists in the neighborhood.

Q:Is it okay in the daytime hours?

A: Language schools often differ from the class schedule of regular universities that Japanese people attend, and many students have time to work during daytime hours.Also, there are many foreigners who can work in the daytime hours because there are many foreigners who are visiting Japan with foreign spouse with permanent residence or working holiday visa.

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