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"Flow of using JP Scouts"

Discover interns from the JP Scouts in desired areas,


You can find the best intern for you from region, occupation, Japanese language level, working time.

Conducted a talk with the desired intern company

The date and place of the interview will be backed up entirely by the JP Scouts. For followers who are uneasy about interviewing, follow in advance by interview practice or online triadic interview.

Start intern!
I will receive a letter of recommendation with over 2 duties!

Started working at a company in Japan. You can earn while actually learning work.
By working properly for more than two hours, you can have a letter of recommendation written from your office.

Scout will arrive from a morale company at the time of graduation from university!

Scouts will arrive directly from other companies that looked at the letters of recommendation during internship at the time you graduate.Choose the job opportunity that is the highest for you.

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